A downloadable Monster Shuffle for Android

  1. A monster is riddled with monster sized viruses, all you have to do is solve the puzzles and get the modified good green monster virus to the green portal while avoiding yellowish pit of death.
  2. The game is incomplete, so don't expect, progress saving or score display or end of the game screen or any flashy animations.

This is like a proof of concept thingy, if the gameplay mechanics is fun, and I receive overwhelming positive feedback, then only I will proceed any further.

Also I am the only one working on this, and I'm a programmer as is evident by the childish and hideos artwork, so someone else have to handle the art and animation, later on.

Things I want to add

  1. Flashy animation, monster behaving cutely, rudely etc
  2. When you shake your screen the monsters would vomit and screen will fill with pink vomit and level would restart.
  3. Few more game mechanics, like hulk monster that moves multiple steps at once, 2048 monster that combines so they could be used as lock and key, portals that allows for travelling from one side to the other.
  4. Also the map would be updated to show the monster's inside, like the empty brain, rasping lungs, starved stomach, perforated heart, and grotesque intestines.

Things already added

  1. A new game mechanic, that is you don't swipe a single tile one by one, you swipe and move a whole column or row.
  2. If one of the tile in the swiped row/column doesn't move, then none of the tiles in that row/column move.
  3. There are 4 types of tiles, one that can move in every direction, another type that moves only in any single direction, another that can't be moved directly, but can be influenced by other movable tiles, another one that looks like a dead monster never moves.
  4. There are two types of triggers, yellow looking hole is dead zone and the green coloured portal is the target.

Install instructions

Just plain download and install.

There's no instructions given in game, just know that Green monster is the good guy (because he is green, obviously)

Avoid yellow pit with teeth and move your green monster to the green portal, for successful completion of a level.


Monster Shuffle.apk 14 MB

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